BTX Drapery Motors

• Integrated radio and electronic processor facilitates quick installation and operation.
• Integrated radio allows up to six systems or six groups of systems to be controlled by one handsender.
• Electronic processor features a dry-contact closure port which allows the system to be controlled by low-voltage switch
or by network.
• Accommodates pinch pleat and Graber Rollpleat® style carriers. Graber Rollpleat carrier styles include Accordiafold® and
Ripplefold® options.
• Buttmaster and Ripplefold/Accordiafold overlaps are available.
• Track can be custom curved and powder-coated to custom color.
• Motor is mounted below the track and hidden behind the drapery.
• A single track can have any of the following stack options: one-way, split-draw or multi-stack.
• Electromagnetic “Easy Release” drive allows a system to be hand drawn.
• Electronic limits are automatically set, eliminating the need for on-site adjustments.
• Compact power supply plugs into a standard 120V/220 outlet.

• Tumo Xcel Motor: 24V DC, 500mA
• Tumo Heavy Duty Motor: 24V DC, 800mA
• Power Supply: Plug-in DC/Volt converter 110/220 to 24V DC, 1500mA (UL/CSA listed). The cords running from the
transfomer are 5’ going to the motor and 5’ to the power source.
• Pinch pleat carrier spacing is 3” standard. Ripplefold and Accordiafold carriers are also available. Ripplefold comes in 80,
100 or 120% fullness.
• Power rated at 60 lbs. of drapery weight for 18-ft. straight track with single Xcel motor or 120 lbs. with dual motors.
• Power rated at 120 lbs. for 18-ft. straight track with single Heavy Duty motor or 240 lbs. with dual motors.
• Power reduction is 15% per curve and 1 lb. per foot over 18’
• Track width up to 18’ unspliced or 36’ spliced.
• Bracket spacing is 20” standard, 10” at the stacks.
• UL and FCC certified.

Call for sets larger than 16' wide or for additonal control options.
Tumo Excel Motorized Drapery System
Tumo Excel Motorized Drapery System

Heavy Duty Motor

Includes: Motor, Track, Power Supply, Brackets and Transmitter