Metropolitan is an incredible collection of contemporary drapery hardware. You are given the ability to combine steel, acrylic and wood materials. You can create your own look and you can also choose from sets of popular pre-selected combinations. These clean simple designs come in the most finishes such as: Brushed Nickel, Java, Black and Unfinished.

These are not your average telescoping product. These are single, continuous rods used in the custom market place. We will even cut them to your size for your convenience.


* NEW *

Metropolitan now offers an H-Rail system. They call it Smooth Hand Draw Track. Still 1-1/8" diameter but with an channel in the bottom that utilizes roller carriers and by-pass brackets. This create a very sleek looking system that is also very functional and makes one-way draw a breeze. Ball bearing carriers easily glide the entire length of the rod with little effort. Available in both standard Satin Nickel and Black.

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    42" Wand
    42" Wand

    Material: Steel